Paua (abalone) Pearls

Paua is a species of abalone (haliotis iris) native to New Zealand and famous for the fabulous blue green colours on the interior of the shell.

Paua shell is well known and used widely but Paua Pearls are a new and exiting development. Culturing pearls within the paua is extremely difficult as they are very strong and mobile, the culture rate is low and they take 24 - 36 months to produce a pearl. Recently the technique for producing cultured pearls in the paua has matured to a stage where we can now offer gem quality mabe pearls from 5mm to 20mm diameter.

Colours range from vibrant blues and greens to purple, to silver grey and lavender. Lustre ranges from mirror finish to subtle reflection . The pearl colour is 100% natural - no dyes or lacquers or any other enhancement is used.


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